Us The Indie Community Pt 2


While it isn’t just authors suffering from the digital era of “who cares?” The indie community suffers great loss of interest from people due to the overload on paid advertisement. Would you believe me if I told you there’s a way to overcome money vs. free?

What Math Can Do

Since the explosion of social media, sharing became second nature. However, people forget that sharing is yes, caring but Liking or Pinning is just as important as well as a comment. Algorithms are not calculated only by views or share, but “Likes” and “Comments.” It is the reaction of people that defines the placement of an article or a post.

The Social Media Behind the Scenes is all automated by mathematical analytics and algorithms. That is why SEO becomes so essential. However, this article is not about techie stuff. It’s about what everyday people and the indie community can do to fight back against not only thieves but paid accounts, followers and ads.


The answer is this simple: Like, Share, Comment.

The Big 3

Every social media or at least the biggest ones that indeed count for the indie community: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and maybe LinkedIn all have this magical button to like or heart a post and the possibility of commenting on it. On top of it, you can even share it! Magic!

If you look back at the beginning of this social media invasion, people got ridiculous amounts of those likes and comments. As the years went by, people turned jaded, and laziness took over. It’s easier to scroll than stop, read and Like, Comment and Share! That’s work!

Social Media
Social Media

However, without those three significant steps, the “machine” behind the social media in question won’t see your post as relevant despite it being the most illuminating article of all time. To have your post, page, account, grow we need each other to give a crap.

The # that used to be the Pound Key

Give as many hashtags as you can that are relevant to your article or post or page. The more you give, the more views you’ll get and the more rapidly you’ll climb up the search engine scale without having to spend money.


However, here’s why the INTERGALACTIC LAW OF GRAPHIC DESIGN is essential: Always Assume People Are Dumb. I know it sounds mean nevertheless crucial to your hashtags because of this: you wrote a novel about vampires, you would think vampire to be the number one hashtag, what if I tell you that the real number one is Diaries and Fangs? That’s because people always think more complicated than necessary.

Indies Drop Out

There are a few social media that unless proven otherwise, might not help or isn’t worth your time and those websites are Wattpad for authors and depending on what you are looking for, DeviantArt.

Remember when DeviantArt used to be “the” place for art? Well, it changed over the years and now prepare yourself for bullies, declarations of love, lots of manga porn and chibi and what not. It is quite a free for all, and while there is still impressive art, it goes under in the pool of nonsense. Bullying is also growing fast in DeviantArt and the team running the website, by personal experience, couldn’t care any less than they do at the very moment.

Authors, Wattpad, well while I was under the impression that it is necessary for an author to have an account with them, I have yet to find out why. I cannot seem to find anyone to follow me, and I do not quite understand their coin system. Since you are giving a portion of your novel content for free, might as well offer it on another platform such as BookSprout or another ARC website that has more credentials to it.

What About WordPress?

All of us who have WordPress websites, it is important to support one another and Liking, Sharing and Commenting on each one of our posts. The very least is Liking, and we can do so just by going on the Reader platform. Easy and quick.

WordPress is Google friendly and easy to boost up the charts, however, to achieve such a high level we must support and encourage one another by doing “The Big 3” and “Hashtag” accordingly so that our articles and posts don’t get lost.


Liking on social media is one thing. However, WordPress is another machinery that links to Google and other search engines capable of bringing you to the top. With a free website, Gothic Bite Magazine was able to move itself to the top on Google. It only took dedication, passion, support, research and a good network of indie authors.

Now, we are a year later and with Space-Time Magazine the same team, we are trying the same recipe with a harder topic to prove that it is possible. The best advertisement is always: word to mouth.

One Place For All

There are many blogs nowadays trying to help others, and that is good, however, without the following and constant reach it is only short lived. However, there is a gem hidden in Facebook that I must share with all of you. Gemma Dupont is the founder of an honest group where people follow one another, likes and comments on each other’s Website and sometimes Facebook even.

WordPress Bloggers Promotions for Writers and Authors

This place is like no other. People are genuine and do follow each other. Kind-hearted people who want to see each other succeed. There is no envy, jealousy or childish behavior. However, if you join prepare to participate. This group is not a place to advertise yourself alone. This group works because everyone reciprocates the kindness offered to them.

It is a sanctuary really because you know that only good comes out of it.

Ever since I joined WordPress Bloggers, I gained amazing followers, and I am growing my network. It is hard for indie professionals out there. People are harsh, lazy and jaded. This group is a beautiful place to grow as a professional, share and go back to the beginning: kindness, generosity, and friendship.

WordPress Bloggers is welcoming, and there are no shenanigans. Remember that you’re not the center of attention, everyone is. The group can only work for as long as the people remain willing to share and follow its purpose.

So, do yourself a favor and join us you won’t regret it.
To read Part 1 you need to go to Gothic Bite Magazine!

A.L. Wolfe

Published by Autumn Loup Wolfe

I am an Epic Fantasy and Historical Fiction author. I am a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Brooks, Bernard Cornwell and Oliver Bowden.

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