The Reviews That Make Or Break

When you are a creative person, either an artist or author, reviews become the word to mouth. In other words, your bread and butter because it attracts people to your product. The bad news is that people don’t care.

The Reviews That Make

In a digital era with many online stores, the reviews can make or break someone’s hard work. People don’t go out as much now to buy books or music due to the ease of doing it online. So, how do you get recommendations? By reading the reviews on that so said website.

Amazon and iTunes are the big two of the online world. Their rankings in authors go in the millions. It is quite natural for an author to fall in the thousands and not make the top hundred.

Social Media
Social Media

However, if people would take a moment to leave one small review, this author you like wouldn’t end up #5489 but maybe climb up to #50 which would change that person’s life and view on their craft.

The Reviews That Break

Many people believe that artists are fine and sleep most of their days off. No, we do not. If we are in a moment of staring at something or lying down, we’re most of the time plotting or story or figuring out what comes next. Musicians think in notes and illustrators in images and geometric forms.

Artists are slaves to their art and their audience. One review though can change us from being chained to the ranking of being free from it. Reviews are the hardest thing to get because the masses don’t understand its importance.

Authors and artists don’t make it overnight, but we sure for one don’t make it at all if we have no reviews to help us make it.

Do not believe that your review means nothing. Your review has the power to use it for good. Those are the reviews that can make or break any artists.

The Reviews That Can Make Or Break

The indie community suffers from many stigmatisms, including being seen as a pool of people who improvised themselves, artists. Guess what. You can’t become an artist. You’re born one. A diamond’s a diamond even before it’s polished. You can learn a technique. You can’t learn imagination.

The real problem in the indie community is what separates artists who use all the resources necessary to make their art look professional and those who try to avoid it due to cost. As a result, the public’s reaction to the indie community is adverse and seen as one to avoid.

The indie community grew a lot in the past few years. Authors like musicians and everyone in between proved it time and time again. One review can have a small-time artist climb to the top.

One person who dared to dream big and your review can be the one making that change in someone’s life. Those are the reviews that can make or break artists.

The Reviews Are Free!

I don’t know how many times artists have to say it, but the reviews are free to write, and it can be just a few words like, “It was a page-turner!” or “I couldn’t put it down!” You can even opt to leave some stars! Why not do it?

On the other hand, this two minutes in your life and I’m exaggerating here, maybe what a minute, can end up on the artist’s feed because you made that person’s day.

One review has the power to shift the balance toward the indie community instead of the big industries. Yes, I’m talking to all anti-big corporations out there, you want the power to be in the hands of the people? Leave reviews for the indie community.

Make Or Break

There are no other ways for artists to be on the stage. We’re no ring leaders. We’re the freaks playing our parts in the circus. It’s the audience that makes the difference. If each of us left one review each time we buy from an indie artist, the indie community would become healthier and flourish.

Why is it important to have so many reviews from honest people? Because there are trolls everywhere. Horror stories such as other authors creating dummy accounts to leave bad reviews on other authors’ pages, trolls picking at artists to say a musician should have bachelor’s degrees, and the list go on.

Creative people check every day to see if they have new reviews, new followers, new buyers. It is our life. Artists live for our art and other people’s joy.

Many don’t get much due to the big machinery many other artists have behind them. We have to fight to make our place, and we have to keep fighting to keep it.

All we need are the reviews that can make or break us.

Leave Me The Reviews?

As a result artists go as far as researching all bloggers that deal with their field. We offer free samples if not the entire piece of art, whether it is a novel or music, in the sole hope to get a review. I won’t lie, I am doing it now for my novel of Frankenstein.

Furthermore, we contact reviewers. We give them our latest creation, then we wait. All I’m saying is, two minutes of a day to make other artists’ whole day, week, or life, wouldn’t you take it?


I leave as many reviews as I can and give likes, and shares, and comment as many times as I can. That is because I know it makes a difference. It’s free, and it helps.

Just remember, with great power comes great…nah, I won’t finish it, Disney might send their security after me. Haha!

A.L. Wolfe

Published by Autumn Loup Wolfe

I am an Epic Fantasy and Historical Fiction author. I am a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Brooks, Bernard Cornwell and Oliver Bowden.

2 thoughts on “The Reviews That Make Or Break

  1. Fabulous post alexa!!! A lot of people don’t know where and how to leave reviews. I hope this helps all you fabulously talented writers!!! Shared on my socials!💋😉💖👍

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