The Intoxicating Effect of Black Sails After Two Years

Black Sails - STARZ

People know that I am a pirate nerd because I do have a passion for history. Above all, a history that is uncertain and most likely not accurate because of the side it stood for, aka, pirates. Then, I discovered Black Sails.

The Official Summary of Black Sails

This summary is from Google, and other review sources give Black Sails a solid 8.2 out of 10 from IMDb, and 96% of Google Users liked it. The intoxicating effect of Black Sails after two years on me adds me to this list!

A prequel to the classic Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island, Black Sails is a pirate adventure that centers on the tales of Captain Flint, who has a reputation throughout the West Indies as being the most brilliant, most feared of all the Golden Age pirates.

Black Sails Official Trailer – Season 1 – STARZ

It’s 1715, and Flint fights for the survival of New Providence Island. An island that is a debauched paradise teeming with pirates, prostitutes, thieves and fortune seekers in the wake of threats from British and Spanish forces, he aligns himself with Eleanor Guthrie, daughter of the local kingpin, to hunt the ultimate prize and ensure his people’s survival.

But standing in the way are rival captains, Eleanor’s intrusive father, and perhaps the biggest obstacle of all, John Silver, a young, fast-talking, authority-flouting sailor recently added to Flint’s crew.


The Intoxicating Effect of Black Sails

The first season of the show as of the first episode, no awkwardness, all actors knew their role and how to portray it. You are in a mix of high and revised fictional characters as well as historical figures such as Jack “Calico” Rackham, Anne Bonny, and the one and only Captain Charles Vane.

For a pirate nerd like me, it took me a long time before accepting to watch the series. Of course, friends would recommend me preparing to watch the show weeks before it aired.

Black Sails - STARZ
Black Sails – STARZ

However, I was disappointed by others, similar to it trying to mix history and fiction, and pirates are a subject that I love. So, I did research first, looked at what came out from the show, and crossed-checked with specific references to make sure they would be fair to history.

Right off the bat with its musical theme, they had me. The casting for the actors impressed me, and the quality they delivered was beyond my expectations.

The portrayal of each person, even the “updated story” of Captain Flint, was one that either would generate hate or love, and I believe with the series ratings that it hit the mark entirely.

The intoxicating effect of Black Sails after two years is real for me!

Black Sails After Two Years

Black Sails, two years after its finale, I decided to give it a try. The first season focused on setting the mood, and the adventure for the episodes to come is compelling.

The viewer understands clearly what everyone’s place is. It is quite apparent that Flint is one manipulator that either is good at its core or not at all.

Black Sails - STARZ
Black Sails – STARZ

Women in those times were not as free as today. However, in Nassau, there are two that are quite smart. Ms. Guthrie is the woman in charge of the Tavern and merchandise coming and going either from honest privateers or pirates. Her father raised her to become this “secret” outlaw while he took care of their family name and appearance in London and Boston.

Eleanor plays an essential role in the series. From the beginning, she makes her mark by welcoming Captain Vane with a punch to the face, which he replied with one of his own.

Quite an effect on a viewer, but it reminds us of the time period and the place people had.

Intoxicating Black Sails

The first season revolves around gold transported on a Spanish warship crossing the waters to the New World. The gold Captain Flint wishes to possess does the tour well enough that Rackham wants a part of it. Vane gives his blessing, but it doesn’t happen without consequences.

Back in those days, rumors and information traveled fast in a small colonized island. The one character that is key to the success of Captain Flint’s endeavor is the new cook of the Walrus, Mr. Silver.

Black Sails - STARZ
Black Sails – STARZ

Mr. Silver, in the first episode, saves his life not only by lying the fact that he was a cook but hiding one crucial piece of information concerning the Spanish gold.

The first season pulls you in with its adventures, mixes of reality and fiction. It is an actual work of passion and devotion to the Age of Piracy.

The Effect of Black Sails

The first season only lasts for eight episodes, and believe me. It flies by fast. Too fast. You find yourself asking for more. Of course, now a viewer wouldn’t have to wait a year to watch the next season!

The visual is perfect, the fact that Black Sails is an original work from Starz, which had Spartacus, reflects the same type of filming. It appears more real and less polished but perfect for the show.

Black Sails - STARZ
Black Sails – STARZ

The emplacement, as well as clothing and period accessories, are, in fact, accurate to the time. The choice of words and dialogs are excellent and efficient. Each person is different than the next. The viewer can easily relate to one character or another despite the time.

Overall, the entire first season leaves an impact, and the never-ending action and narration even are effective. There was no question there, with so much quality put in one show alone, there had to be more coming.

Black Sails After Two Years

The intoxicating effect of Black Sails is real. Do I regret not watching the show when it gave? No, and the reason is quite simple, I don’t have patience! I craved the show! I wanted to know more about the story every single time.

Main characters are essential, like Captain Flint, Silver, and Guthrie. However, the secondary characters take a lot of space too, Captain Vane, Anne Bonny, and Rackham make sure to leave a mark. They do.

Black Sails - STARZ
Black Sails – STARZ

There is no character left behind. Each of the characters has a place and a story to tell. Season one is only the beginning of a journey you know is facing doomsday. After all, we know the Age of Piracy didn’t last that long.

Also, Treasure Island has its own story to tell.

Next, season two?
A.L. Wolfe

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