A.L. Wolfe  is not a typical author. The curiosity for folklores and legends, medieval and the Dark Ages drives Wolfe to know more. As of 2020, Wolfe and her close team, works toward having one print issue releasing for Summer. The print focuses on fantasy, folklores and legends, indie authors and musicians, as well as medieval architecture and more.

Wolfe is the author of the Crossbones series and the Moonland Druid series. Specialization in the Dark Ages and what inspired the world of fantasy that we know, Wolfe always tries to keep up. This website not only provides all information needed for the author A.L. Wolfe, but also research conducted for the novel series and occasional blogs on diverse shows and series, as well as music and novels.

Advertisement with A.L. Wolfe is a great way to access a targeted audience in the Fantasy, Alternate Fantasy or fantasy lifestyle. In the literary world, we cover from publishers to authors and editors.


STM - Advertisement Card Website
STM – Advertisement Card Website


Top 10 Countries in terms of views listed below in the extent of a year demonstrate where our main audiences are from and help to keep our choices in articles relevant and high in quality.

  1. The United States.
  2. The United Kingdom.
  3. Canada.
  4. Ireland.

*** We have a great diversity in readers and followers, our main audience varies between 18 years old to 48 years old.


A.L. Wolfe has an average of two hundred (200) views per day on the website and growing. We have loyal followers and readers.

When it comes to our social media platform, A.L. Wolfe has a total followers’ list of nearly a three (3) thousand. Loyal people who followed Wolfe since the beginning and again, growing every day.

Our average words per post are seven hundred and eighty. Wolfe are a daily webzine; therefore, Wolfe and her team do post or update every day our content. Our team of writers has their expertise, and we often interact on social media with our followers and ask for their preferences.

Social Media Platform

All articles appear on each social media mentioned below at the exception of Quora which the platform is for questions and answers is where Wolfe is considered a master in the fanasy and mermaid topics.

Quora: 135.1 K views per month.
Pinterest: 21.3 K views per month.
Twitter: 447 Followers.
Facebook: 337 Followers Wolfe Page | 341 Members in Wolfe Group 5 Stars.
Instagram: 232 Followers.
GoodReads: 215 Followers | Rated 4.75 out of 5 stars.
LinkedIn: 198 Followers.
Tumblr: 89 Followers.

A Month Old

A.L. Wolfe is only a year old, and its popularity is continually growing. Wolfe is working hard in making this website the place for all fantasy enthusiasts to come and enjoy the available content. Wolfe prioritize quality and the truth in our articles.

To advertise with Wolfe, please refer to our Advertisement Card in the sub-menu below Advertisement. You will find both possibilities to have your products showcased with us as part of our Annual Special Print Edition to come or on our Website.

We are looking forward to working with you.
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