An Origin of Celtic Druids

An origin of the Celtic Druids is one hard to come by considering it is quite a task just finding information about them due to their guild’s secrecy.

An Origin of Middle Ages Fays

An origin of Middle Ages fays is one of many descriptive chronicles kept by either Celts, Saxons and even Vikings hoping people would know their existence.

The Scandinavian Origins of Elves

The Scandinavian origin of elves comes from a time where paganism was spread throughout the northern countries of Europe and it gave us wonderful tales.

The Last Kingdom A Gothic Historical Story

The Last Kingdom – a gothic historical story about the confrontation of Danes and Saxon on the verge of losing what little is left of England.

The Intoxicating Effect of Black Sails After Two Years

The intoxicating effect of Black Sails drags you in, you cannot find a way out when pirates fights for freedom and gold you have to watch!

Man Of Steel Are We Missing Something?

A little more than two months ago, I wrote an entire article about Krypton and the impression we got of it from Man of Steel. The Kryptonian still lacks depth so, Man of Steel are we missing something?

Letting Go Of Toxic Waste As An Author

Toxicity, when you bathed in it for as long as one can remember, it is hard to see which person or environment is hazardous versus the other.

The Reviews That Make Or Break

Creative people check every day to see if they have new reviews, new followers, new buyers. It is our life. Artists live for our art and other people’s joy.

Man of Steel Six Years Later Is Krypton That Backwards?

All we know is that Krypton faced destruction, and that is the reason why Kal-El arrived on Earth. Not much of a backstory aside from his parents trying to save their firstborn.

Us The Indie Community Pt 2

While it isn’t just authors suffering from the digital era of “who cares?” The indie community suffers great loss of interest from people due to the overload on paid advertisement. Would you believe me if I told you there’s a way to overcome money vs. free?

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