You want to participate in the Moonwolf Special Annual Print and have us publish your work? Well, we have good news for you! Moonwolf is proud to give fantasy fans a chance and be part of our pack for advertisement or for an interview or pomotion. Now here is how to do it.

The Moonwolf Special Annual Print accepts open submissions for topics the magazine cover and unique Artwork | Literature | LARP | Recipes | Crafters | Cosplay | Books, and Music for review. Your submission then goes through the hands of our writing team and then a discussion is necessary for a final decision.

If we are interested, we can make sure to contact you and let you know when your submission appears on the website. If, on the contrary, it is a case of rejection we might contact you as well to let you know with ideas on how to either improve your work or the reason why you were not approved.

If you wish to submit photography for us to display on our Facebook | Instagram | Twitter or Pinterest, send us an email as well and let us know which social media you wish for us to share your photographies on and promote.

If you wish to promote your brand: modeling, store, designs, crafts, artwork, book, music, band or any other creative projects, we suggest buying online advertising from us.

If you already possess branding content here is what we accept: A thousand (1’000) word detailed article about your brand added with one (1) to four (4) pictures of your product.

In the case that you do not meet our requirements, but still wishes to have a space on our website, it is possible for our writers to provide you with one and it is the most immediate way to secure promotion with us.

Our graphic designer is ready to work at a flat rate between $35.00 USD and $80.00 USD.
Our editors and proofreaders starting at $15.00 USD.

In this case, email us specifying what you require as follow:


MESSAGE: I would like to share my work on your page | I would like to appear in your magazine | website.


MESSAGE: I need a writer to write my branding | I would like to buy advertising.


Thank you for considering us!
If you have any questions, please contact us, and we’ll help you.
The Moonwolf Special Annual Print Team

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